DJ Shikisai「Legacy 1989 / Moca Tape Boogie」


Legacy 1989 (Original Mix) / Moca Tape Boogie (Original Mix)  Bandcamp

1.Legacy 1989 (Original Mix) 06:41

2.Moca Tape Boogie (Original Mix) 05:40

DJ SHIKISAIが主宰するDiesel Disco Clubレーベル第1弾!

Legacy 1989(Original Mix)/Moca Tape Boogie(Original Mix)


Legacy 1989は音選びに妥協のない909ベースのエレクトロニック・ボディ・ミュージック。ピークタイムもお任せ。

Moca Tape Boogieは前作Diesel Disco Club Themeの本人によるヴォーカルを彷彿とさせるような、全ての楽器が歌い上げている艶ディスコハウス。

Yumi Kobayashi(DJ YUMMY)

DJ SHIKISAI released his first project “Legacy 1989 (Original Mix)” and “Moca Tape Boogie (Original Mix)” from his label Diesel Disco Club.

You can tell that Shikisai’s DJ career made his sense of music incredible; there is no other way to express that both tracks are amazing.

“Legacy 1989” is a 909 based electronic body music where Shikisai chose to not compromise in choosing what kind of sounds he wanted to use. “Moca Tape Boogie” is a disco house track where the instruments are played as if it’s Shikisai himself singing, just like his first single “Diesel Disco Club Theme.”

Yumi Kobayashi (DJ YUMMY)